Planning Your Installation


Aurtra HealthSense Planning

The Aurtra HealthSense Planning Guide is used to gather the information required for the installation of the HealthSense Intelligent Online Sensor. The guide also provides information on these requirements. The video below provides an overview of the planning process.


Click I’m not a robot and then Submit below to access the Planning Guide:

Planning Guide


For an explanation of the planning process please watch the HealthSense Planning Overview:

Aurtra HealthSense Installation

Once the planning has been completed, the Aurtra HealthSense Installation Guide will provide all the information required on the installation process. To download the guide click on the link below:

Aurtra HealthSense Installation Guide


To get an idea of what is required for the installation of the sensor please watch the HealthSense Installation Overview:



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Aurtra Transformer Condition Monitoring

The Aurtra solution provides cost-effective online transformer condition monitoring for transformer assets for a low monthly fee with no lock-in contracts.

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