Aurtra Solution

New technologies enable improved asset management
The availability of Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies, big data and machine learning is enabling future predictions and modelling based on known correlations gathered from data across the whole transformer fleet rather than an individual transformer’s view of discrete measurements requiring interpretation.

Aurtra Solution
The Aurtra solution is based on a decade of transformer research between universities and some of the world’s largest power utilities. This work was then exclusively licensed to Aurtra who refined, enhanced and commercialized a solution based on the research outcomes. The Aurtra solution provides actionable insight through:
1. Continuous accurate monitoring of operating and insulation status
2. State-of-the-art automated analysis, reporting and key issue alerts
3. Advanced predictive analysis, supporting load management, maintenance planning and emergency demand planning

Critical planning data

Aurtra Solution delivers critical planning data for:

  • Transformer load management
  • Maintenance, end of life and replacement decisions to avoid catastrophic failure
  • Extended asset life with improved risk management


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