Aurtra Value and ROI

value and roi

Aurtra Value

The Aurtra Solution enables robust decision making through actionable insights based on industry-wide transformer data rather than an individual transformer view of discrete measurements requiring interpretation.  In-depth specialist condition monitoring expertise then becomes available to the modern “generalized” workforce.


value and roi

aurtra roi

The Aurtra solution is available for a small monthly fee, with no capital costs and no lock-in contracts.  Extension of transformer working life and reduced capital expenditure is possible with continuous accurate monitoring of operating and insulation status.  An ROI in the orders of magnitude is then possible through:

  • Just-in-time replacement before failure
  • Accurate contingency planning of the transformer fleet
  • Optimal loading to maximize utilitilization of ageing assets
  • Optimized maintenance programs
  • Strategic long-term fleet and labour resources management



value and roi

data logger hardware guarantee

Aurtra provides a life-long replacement warranty and upgrade guarantee with ongoing subscriptions to our  service.



Want to know more about the science behind transformer monitoring
and methods to optimize transformer life?  Aurtra’s technology is developed
using the latest industry and academic peer-reviewed research.



Our world first patented technology

Our patented IP built upon decades of industry data uses advanced predictive analysis to provide actionable reporting and alerts, not just streams of data. The Aurtra solution architecture is fully secure, redundant and responsive with asset data security and protection.

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