Solution Architecture

Robust, secure solution architecture

Compliant with international data security standards, the Aurtra IoT sensors communicate using 3G/4G networks to the Aurtra cloud.  Aurtra’s cloud-based proprietary algorithms automatically analyze the remote sensor data.  Users log in to the web-based Aurtra Insight dashboard to view fleet-wide analysis.  For users with existing Asset Management systems, the Aurtra solution architecture can deliver interoperable, single sign-on access to both data services and complex Aurtra asset condition vizualisations.

Secure, open API

All data, including raw measured and derived data is available using Aurtra’s secure API, for integration with corporate ERM, CNAIM, historian and other business support systems.

IoT Data Security

Aurtra has designed the IoT data transfer processes, storage, access and management operations to all be compliant with EU Utility critical infrastructure data security requirements.

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